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Accepted Paper:

The social context of hrigue: a Moroccan view  
Carlo Capello (University of Torino)

Paper short abstract:


Paper long abstract:

In my research among migrants-to-be in Morocco, I tried to understand the migratory movement towards Europe through an analysis of the social and cultural context of departure. The latter is characterised by marked economic and social fissures entailing the exclusion of vast strata of the population - young men in particular - and by the spreading of a "culture of exile" that valorises migration as the only way of flight from an unbearable situation. However, since migratory dreams and projects clash with the control policies of the European countries, various forms of more or less irregular migration (hrigue) are undertaken.

In my paper I would like to focus on the social context of migration and on the various exit strategies devised by the Moroccan migrants-to-be.

Panel W054
Understanding Mediterranean transit migration
  Session 1