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Accepted Paper:

The Afghan migrants from the frontiers of Iran to Europe  
Azita Bathaïe (University Paris Ouest Nanterre la Defense)

Paper short abstract:


Paper long abstract:

This paper addresses issues about the social profiles of Afghan migrants from Iran to Greece and France. Fieldwork in all three countries has revealed two different situations: first, a long-established multisited migrant community in the Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran area and second, a more recently formed group of aspiring migrants to Europe, moving across borders and making prolonged "stops" in major European capitals. Family, neighbour and friendship are the basis for the first type of networks, while the second type relies on unstable contingent configurations. Young migrants come into contact with both patterns during their journeys towards Europe, adjusting to widely different situations and circumstances. I propose to explore some adaptation strategies of young Afghans through itineraries and narratives I have collected in Greece and France.

Panel W054
Understanding Mediterranean transit migration
  Session 1