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Accepted Paper:

The puzzle of Mediterranean transit migration  
Jutta Lauth Bacas (University of Malta)

Paper short abstract:


Paper long abstract:

The aim of the proposed paper is to discuss basic theoretical concepts and methodological questions related to the study of Mediterranean transit migration. Taking the contribution of Glick Schiller "From migrant to transit migrant" as a starting point, a critical review will discuss some of the analytical tools applied in empirical studies on transit migration, for example the concepts of transit/illegal/irregular/undocumented migrant. Another aspect under review will be the methodological dimension of transit migration studies and the different (qualitative/quantitative) approaches to document and analyze mixed migration flows. Furthermore, the proposed paper will focus on questions still to be answered in transit migration research, for example a clearer understanding of the social dimension of irregular migration, the political responses of South European states to increasing numbers of undocumented migrants, and the processes of constructing and de-constructing (by clandestine border crossing) Europe's southern frontiers.

Panel W054
Understanding Mediterranean transit migration
  Session 1