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Accepted Paper:

Children on the wave: minors, migration, and the new European 'southern frontier'  
Francesco Vacchiano (University Ca' Foscari Venice)

Paper short abstract:


Paper long abstract:

The process of progressive construction of the European southern frontier has produced, as a result, the emergence of a new migratory subject in the Mediterranean space: the minor migrating "alone", generally defined in Europe as "unaccompanied". This profile stands out for its "interstitial" function, challenging the securitarian/bureaucratic devices set up to extend the regulatory space of the border from its geographical projection to the various aspects of daily life.

This contribution is aimed at describing the phenomenon and its gradual emergence on the scene of the new Mediterranean migrations, to observe its characteristics through the analysis of two life stories seen through an ethnopsychological perspective, and to discuss some possible open issues: the sense of defining it as a fact of "minors", the various tools used to frame it, the implications for the experience of children and adolescents and the forms of the construction of their subjectivity.

Panel W054
Understanding Mediterranean transit migration
  Session 1