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Accepted Paper:

'I would have never imagined travelling like this': journeys towards and across Europe  
Anitta Kynsilehto (Tampere Peace Research Institute)

Paper short abstract:


Paper long abstract:

Undocumented migration constitutes a major political enemy for the European Union and its member-states. Portrayed as the migration crisis in the Mediterranean Sea, boat migration exemplifies much of the contemporary media imagery concerning migration. This paper engages with (re)thinking embodiment and political agency in the context of undocumented migration towards European Union member-states. Methodologically the paper takes its cue from cultural studies approaches and multi-sited ethnography (Marcus 1995; 1998) in order to consider critically the possibilities available for non-EU citizens to access EU member-states and to cross internal borders therein in the light of EU documents, lobby organizations working for enhancing migrants' and refugees' rights, and individual itineraries. Furthermore, the paper considers the possibilities currently available for those that have reached a point within their wandering to build a life in Europe.

Panel W054
Understanding Mediterranean transit migration
  Session 1