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Diverse anthropologies with multiple publics: Crisis or imaginative responses? [WCAA workshop] 
Andrew 'Mugsy' Spiegel (University of Cape Town)
Laurent Bazin (CNRS)
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Education Theatre
Start time:
25 August, 2010 at
Time zone: Europe/London
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Short Abstract:

Critical comparative analyses of the effects of national-state processes on modes of anthropological engagement with anthropologists' publics, and their relationship to the diversity of how anthropology is conceptualised as a discipline globally.

Long Abstract:

Anthropological practices, concerns and engagements with our publics are often significantly affected by the national and/or regional contexts wherein anthropologists are based as researchers or as citizens, particularly but not exclusively by the distinct political processes and structures of nation-states. Such contextual differences may yield various, even incommensurate anthropologies and diverse anthropological modes of anthropological practice and engagement with our respective publics and with processes of globalisation.

The workshop will consider how, and to what extent, historical and contemporary contexts have influenced the anthropological approaches that predominate in selected countries or regions. Its primary focus will be on differences in how anthropologists engage with their respective and diverse publics and how that in turn influences engagement with globalisation within and beyond our discipline. For example, do diverse notions of citizenship and personhood affect anthropologists' engagements with those outside the discipline or with other anthropologists, both locally and globally?

The workshop will be structured around sets of paired papers written to create a dialogue between their respective authors, ideally where one is based in and working on issues in the particular country or region; the other by an anthropologist researching in that country or region but based elsewhere.

Accepted papers:

Session 1