Accepted Paper:

Asian life style programme in Hungary (the impact of Yoga on everyday life)  


Eva Sebestyen (University of Porto)

Paper short abstract:

This paper concentrates on the impact of Yoga in our daily life offering therapeutic help. Its message involves a set of recommendations of how to achieve balance of mind and spiritual harmony, how to purify one's sub consciousness and finally how to realize one's Self.

Paper long abstract:

The challenges of social affairs, among them the problems of public health, environmental protection, education have reached global dimensions nowadays. Realizing the importance of taking responsibility of these demands of our century an ethnographic survey is conducting in the main Yoga Centre in Hungary. The goal is to study the Yoga practitioners’ main goal to maintain harmony with nature as well as safeguard and promote spiritual, mental and physical well-being. This paper focuses on the presentation an anthropological approach of an Indian life style programmed which looks for harmonizing the body and the spiritual needs of Hungarians. Yoga is a holistic and comprehensive system concerning body, mind, consciousness and soul. The practitioners learn their human responsibility towards the world and environment in which they are living; to foster compassion for all living beings; to develop hidden forces dormant in all of us and learn how to utilize them for the benefit of the world. The research in work process has the following objectives. Conducting a change study on diet habits, life style and health conscience of people practicing yoga. This paper deals with a diet survey and lifestyle change in the main yoga centre in Budapest. The aim of this paper to show what kind of results can be achieved if the principles of Yoga are present in everyday life in the health preservation, external and internal cleanliness, appropriate diet and proper life style.

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