Accepted Paper:

The archetypal ‘language of light’ from ethnical tradition to modern technology  


Traian-Dinorel Stanciulescu (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University)
Aritia Poenaru (National Inventics Institute, IASI)

Paper short abstract:

The constant presence of a ‘light language’ is mediating onto-logically the human transition from nature to culture. By contributing to the human bio-psychical harmonization through the subtle ‘light resonance’ of the material and spiritual creations, such an archetypal language could be rationally (re)valorized into the benefit of the modern life.

Paper long abstract:

The constant presence of some archetypal forms / symbols of LIGHT is mediating the human transition from nature to culture, both representing: (1) a consequence of the cosmic laws of becoming, having RESONANCE as the connecting principle of the micro-macrocosmic and human world; (2) an outcome of the socio-historical progress, essentially based on the COMMUNION with fellow beings by means of certain symbols of biological and spiritual (bio)light.

The CONNECTION SYNERGY between human being and cosmos was implicitly assumed by the traditional creations / practices, both as: (a) a natural one, contributing to the biological health optimization by the objective resonance upon the human body of the materials, colors and forms used in architecture, tools, clothing, etc., respectively to the energizing ritually of dance, music, speech; (b) a cultural one, psycho-logically optimizing the human being by his / her faiths, by permanently informing that he / she is both a divine and a cosmic creation, belonging to a "sacred world". For justifying such a double connection, a complex of Romanian archetypal examples are explicitly offered, starting from the traditional ones to those realized by the power of the recent (nano)technologies.

Anthropologically, to (re)valorize the force of archetypal (light) language for the benefits of contemporary life represents the main purpose of this paper.

* This paper is realized and financially sustained into the frame of the "MATNANTECH" CEEX 32/2005 research program: BIOPHOTONIC NANOTECHNOLOGIES APPLIED IN TEXTILE INDUSTRY. BENEFIC EFFECTS OF "BIOPHOTONTEX" CLOTHING.

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