Accepted Paper:

Cycles of success and failure in advocacy  


Emanuel Marx (Tel Aviv University)

Paper short abstract:

The anthropologist looks back on his advocacy work in a resettlement scheme of Negev Bedouin, and tries to understand why the project went through cycles of success and failure.

Paper long abstract:

The paper examines my advocacy work in connection with a 1980 government scheme to resettle Negev Bedouin and expropriate their land. The advocacy was only partially successful. As long as the advocates opposed the State's intentions and offered alternative plans, they made good headway. But when the State negotiated a deal with the team of advocates, they became dependent on the agents of the State, rapidly lost power, and the resettlement project stalled. I argue that these cycles of success and failure are inevitable, and try to explain them.

Panel W050
Studying anthropologists in war and conflict zones: spies and freedom fighters, scholars and advocates