Accepted Paper:

We and others in process of migration  


Alena Parizkova (University of West Bohemia)

Paper short abstract:

The paper presents some results of my anthropological research on perception of labour migration experience of migrants from the Czech Republic.

Paper long abstract:

The paper is based on the social anthropological research on labour migration from the Czech Republic to foreign countries from the view of the persons involved. These migrants leave quite homogenous society and many of them encounter the multicultural societies of the west cities. For many of them it is new experience which they had to solve. To orient themselves in the situation they create different categories based on language and country of origin. There are two strong categories - we and others. Use of these categories can lead to formation of stereotypes which influence social interaction. Both categories can have from different migrants different content. Respondents of my research defined very often the category - the others - like the other migrants, especially they mentioned the migrants from Poland. In many places it was the biggest group of other migrants they met in process of migration. I examine how these categories influence the experiences and valuation of migration experience. The set of information has been gathered through semi-structured interviews. The emphasis was given on the narrations of migrants experiences and evaluation.

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Sustainable cultural diversities in Europe