Accepted Paper:

Valentin Vodnik, 'the first Slovenian poet'  


Bozidar Jezernik (University of Ljubljana)

Paper short abstract:

The image of Valentin Vodnik (1758-1819) as 'the first Slovenian poet' played an important role during the process of Slovenian 'national awakening' that took place after 1848. In this process', the celebration of the centeniary of his birth in 1858 and especially the unveiling of his monument were the milestones of great importance.

Paper long abstract:

Each generation it its own way weighs up and measures the past according to contemporary outlooks, in order to give shape to the future. This is why, the views of the past, and of the future, are contantly changing, being from generation to generation rectified, supplemented and adjusted. It is, therefore, inevitable that the roles played by certain icons take on ever new characteristics. Thus, over the past two centuries, the image of Valentin Vodnik has also undergone radical changes. With the changing political circumstances, not just his public image but also the interpretations of his poetical writings were altering.

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Diverse and shared publics: politics of entitlement and commemoration