Accepted Paper:

Movement of large bodies impaired: somatic and semiotic Issues  


Kjetil Wathne (University of Oslo)

Paper short abstract:

This article investigates phenomenological and socio-cultural aspects of adolescent obesity.

Paper long abstract:

Drawing on a sample of young patients who have participated in a long-term qualitative research-project in medical anthropology, investigating social aspects of paediatric obesity in Oslo, Norway - certain somatic and semiotic issues are discussed. Living a particular type of obese body may induce impediment to motility, with implications for the ability/desirability towards exertion as a means to weight-loss. Arguably, there is little cultural nuance in circulation as to how various types of bodies are variously adapted to movement - and these factors combine to make obesity a double whammy for some individuals.

Panel W087
Phenomenological anthropology as research method: debating the pre-textual basis of ethnographic fieldwork