Accepted Paper:

has pdf download Building interconnectedness: managing flows and ruptures in a complex international project  


Priya Abraham (Ashridge Business School)

Paper short abstract:

Globalisation, business anthropology, cosmopolitan ethnography, interconnectedness of cultural flows. This research based on a large and complex change management project in the Egyptian telecommunication industry examines flows and interconnectedness in the light of temporality and spaciality.

Paper long abstract:

This article based on the macro ethnographic research of a large and complex change management project in the Egyptian telecoms investigates the interconnectedness of time and space. The macro level analysis of this deterritorialised action net project focuses on multiple spacialities and temporalities including references to religion and gender.

Concretely, it will investigate participants' interactions in reference to time and space and what causes flow, i. e. the dynamic spaces of overlap and interaction and/or rupture and in what way both, namely flow and rupture generate new cultural approaches.

It is necessary to reflect on these contemporary global processes in order to make them transparent.

Firstly, the concrete focus will lie on the analysis of the endeavours necessary to create connectivity as the highly diverse actants are dispersed over continents, and by that, they create flows and ruptures. Next, examples of "Being there and doing the job" will illustrate transnational cultural flows merged into local processes and structures. Finally, financial power centres inherent to a global project of this scale will illustrate the multifaceted interconnectedness of power and systems. This project is idiosyncratic of today's globalised society.

Panel W113
Creolizing anthropology: connectivity, diversity, and reflexivity in a globalizing world