Accepted Paper:

Teens cultures and their representations  


Nadine Wanono (IMAf- CNRS)

Paper short abstract:

During this session, I would like to explain the dynamic process build up to conduce teens to portray themselves and the so called “Teens Culture”. The organization of this collaborative workshop with 12 teens, emanates from a research development started few years ago, when I decided to focus more precisely on the capacity of digital technologies to promote creative process.

Paper long abstract:

The first part of my presentation could on one hand, briefly, presents the ways of seeing with a camera and the impact of this specific technology on visual anthropology methodologies and on the other hand to underline digital technologies' capacity to create representations with computational means.

The second part could focus more specifically on the process followed by these 12 teens during 18 days in order to create representations of their own life and cultures.

I started the project in collaboration with a media artist, Renaud Parmantier, and a music composer, Philippe Autuori, and set up a writing workshop with Nicole Simonet. The challenge was to elaborate reflections on this antinomic but meaningful opposition between identities and otherness. From this, we decided to focus on the ways "people" perceived their "Teens Cultures" and the ways to shape their ideas.

They had access to Frutiloop, a software for conceiving music and Director, multimedia authoring tool for "la mise en scène".

The Mairie de Paris and the CNRS has founded this project and a website presenting their work is accessible:

Actually, I'm working with Alex Chan, author of the French Democracy, on a project to handle the question of the "Family reality" for young people and the ways they will represent it, after being trained to create "Machinima" on their own.

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Looking, seeing and being seen: connecting and controlling through visual representation