Accepted Paper:

Views of Europe: debatable lands  


Ullrich Kockel (University of the Highlands and Islands)

Paper short abstract:

Taking different peripheries in Europe's West, East, and centres, geographical and cultural frontier landscapes are considered as theatres of subversion.

Paper long abstract:

Taking its title partly from an art-based project I am involved with at present, partly from an art exhibition to mark the German EU presidency in 2007, this paper looks at some imagined and actual, geographical and cultural frontiers in Europe. Starting from the Celtic peripheries of the British Isles, the paper considers the Sarmatian coast and northern inland parts before moving on to peripheries in the centre of geographical and political Europe. A key focus is on how peripheries have been, and are being used as theatres for the performance of different visions of Europe, sometimes consolidating, sometimes challenging the hegemonic vision, played out by local actors as well as outsiders. This raises issues of locality and "from-here-ness", highlighting the ambivalence of authenticity and the subversive potential of the concept. In conclusion the paper considers the ethnographer's role in the process of creating, defending and destroying moralised landscapes.

Panel W100
Peripheral Europe as moralized landscapes