Accepted Paper:

'Social Darwinism', examining the anthropological foundations of Peter Singer's ethics  


Agnieszka Ryczek (Poznan University of Medical Sciences)

Paper short abstract:

Darwin's theory of natural selection and human societies "fight for life" has an important role in Peter Singer's theory of bio-ethics as it acts as a source of values, knowledge and truth within anthropology.

Paper long abstract:

Evolutionary theory and Darwin's theory of natural selection is an influential paradigm within biology but yet it has no proponents within the theological field.

An important factor in twenty-first century anthropology and philosophy is 'Social Darwinism' which has its foundations in Utilitarian theory. Social Darwinism underpins Peter Singer's work on ethics and the study of bioethics of the western world. Natural selection in human society has led to a continuous conflict between religion and science for instance over topics such as abortion or euthanasia.

These western bioethical questions require a novel form of morality and truth and a new vision of the individual in order to answer them.

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Moralities of nature