Accepted Paper:

Healing femininity - balancing energies  


Katerina Ferkov (University of Nova Gorica/Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences)

Paper short abstract:

Women are still heavily oscillating between patterns of patriarchal housewives and postmodern go-getters. This situation creates a conflict which erupts as stress; standard medical practices do not seem to address this issue adequately, while alternative techniques seem to. Research shows a possibility of complementary collaboration.

Paper long abstract:

My previous two studies of females and femininity have confirmed a clear need for programs that aid women (and therefore men) in current living conditions with high level expectations and social control. During ongoing iterative participant observation between researcher and group of women and men in Slovenia at daily meditation I collected several family histories and personal body & mind health care issues. The challenges of contemporary living conditions clearly provoke a quest for balance between old patterns (family, material wealth) and new ones (ecology, self-development) for women and men as well as society. But most commonly standard medical practices do not assist women (and men) in conflicts they encounter, which are always complex and interwoven with their conflicting emotions and mind patterns. Currently there is a keen interest in integral, holistic approach towards healing. Since feminine aspect in consumerist environment is most suppressed and therefore the most potentially dangerous, there is a need to address this topic. Daily experience provided me with empirical data that the sole capacity to approach healing from energy principle is the basis of well being, but so far there is still various prejudice and skepticism, also scientific discursive orthodoxy present considering that approach. Therefore scientific evaluation of methods that support and motivate individuals to be aware of their energy level could foster collaboration between standard medical practices and energy science used in various techniques and methods of healing for balancing energies (for example: ayurveda, chi gong, yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, homeopathy).

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