Accepted Paper:

has pdf download Appropriation Processes between Center and Periphery  


Sybille De La Rosa (Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin)

Paper short abstract:

The main thesis of this paper is that, building on the difference between representation and appropriation, different modes of communicative interaction can be identified and evaluated by a concept of appropriation and alienation.

Paper long abstract:

In describing the development of civilizations Shmuel Eisenstadt and Immanuel Wallerstein unfortunately pay little attention to cultural aspects like the communicative exchange between cultures. Therefore, the most important contribution to the theory of civilization is the work Ulf Hannerz has done on making the cultural factors and the exchange of meaning between cultures and their relevance explicit. Nevertheless, I want to argue that the application of Hannerz' creolization concept to political processes leads to an inappropriate reduction of political processes to state actions directed to influence the national culture. Therefore, a concept of creolizing aspects is needed that allows more differentiations than the former linguistic concept of creolization, as it is used by Hannerz. This is why I want to propose a concept that embraces different types of appropriation such as passive and active forms and a normative criterion to evaluate power asymmetries and highlight symmetrical modes of intercultural communication.

Panel W113
Creolizing anthropology: connectivity, diversity, and reflexivity in a globalizing world