Accepted Paper:

Hypnosis - a trance of possession without possession  


Nancy Midol (UNSA)

Paper short abstract:

We have used the orixas cosmology to cure psychological diseases. And the results were successful. This therapeutical way is developing from an universal understanding of the relationship between humans and nature according to a holistic perspective. We will discuss here a clinic case of depression.

Paper long abstract:

Winnicott have perceived the threat of disintegration and chaos because of undifferentiated structure of primary mind processes. During the early few months, the baby gets illusion that she/he is responsible for creating the world, feeling to be oneness with the mother, either in a positive oceanic sensation, or in a terrifying sensation of fragmentation. The baby experiments sway states, embedding mother's emotions but also environment nature energies. Have the baby others possibilities than those which run on a line from psychotic answers, to creative answers ? So what does Milton Erickson do when he inducts a hypnosis trance by sending confused messages which connect the archaic dissociated communication from an altered consciousness state ? Doing that, he manages a regression until the dissociated states of mind appear. He takes the place of the "sufficiently good mother" in order that the sway is a new experience of healing by connecting emotional positive balance. Is there a possession ? May be yes, by Erickson's one unconscious. He plays, at this moment, the holding function of the shaman. So, we are able to understand what means the formula : hypnosis is a trance of possession without possession. But it is the result of a hidden therapeutic role, as psychoanalysts say a "non-dit". So the psychoanalytic theories give an answer.

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Rethinking spirit possession