New perspectives on 'European' Christianity 
Ramon Sarró (University of Oxford)
Elisabeth Claverie (CNRS)
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Elisabeth Claverie (CNRS)
Ramon Sarró (University of Oxford)
Victoria Victoria's
Start time:
19 September, 2006 at 11:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

Through innovative ethnographic approaches, the panel examines the ways European Christianity has shaped territorial identities and the challenges that new forms of Christianity represent for such an old ingredient of European cultural heritage.

Long Abstract

One of the key processes in the history of European expansion in the world has been the role of Christian missionisation in the colonial project. Today, when anthropology is discussing the issues of postcolonialism within a globalised and transnational frame, recent studies have shown how this aftermath has reversed directions in terms of the dialogue between Europe (East and West) and the world, observing new stages, expressions and agencies of Christian faith and practice in Europe. Reconfiguration of the scale in which holy images, cults, are framed, in the West and in the East, due to encounters with the new political equilibrium after the end of the cold war, and religious grammars trying to mobilise in partly political terms, will be analysed in their local expressions which are showing the ways international politics are interpreted here and there. This panel will explore these processes through the presentation and discussion of contemporary ethnographic research.

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