Migration and cultural change in Europe 
Krystyna Romaniszyn (Jagiellonian University)
Anastasia Christou (Sussex University)
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Chem LT1
Start time:
20 September, 2006 at 11:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

The workshop focuses on the cultural change in symbolic, social and spatial dimensions resulting from the international migrations in sending and receiving societies. Both fieldwork studies and theoretical texts are invited.

Long Abstract

The focus of the workshop will be on, broadly speaking, the cultural implications or changes brought about by international migrations in the European receiving and sending societies or regions. It rests on the following assumptions: that international migrations amplify cultural diversity and trigger or accelerate cultural change in the societies involved. Within this general theme there is a number of particular issues worth studying and discussing at the workshop, namely: the spatial changes caused by migration inflows (into the receiving regions) and outflows (from the sending regions); the demographic changes that imply the development of social roles (especially women's traditional social roles) and local communities, both in sending and receiving societies (regions); the structural change, i.e. the ethnic structure change in the receiving societies; and the developments in the mental dimension, i.e. the change of collective identity vis-à-vis the newcomers on one hand, and the hosts on the other, and the diffusion of ideas and beliefs (religious among others).

Along with the presented issues, papers are invited within the following areas: the ethno-cultural mosaic and the distinct ethno-immigrant enclaves development as a result of immigrants' settlement; the local community change and the (re)construction of landscapes as a result of the migratory inflows (into the receiving regions) and outflows (from sending regions); the (re)establishment of social roles, norms and statuses, and the development of works, organisation and consumption patterns due to the migratory movements; the challenges to the collective identity of both the indigenous population and the newcomers.

Suggested workshop-paper keywords: cultural diffusion, the diffusion of ideas, cultural change, the (re)construction of landscapes, the ethno-immigrant enclaves, the collective identity developments, ethno-cultural mosaic.

Accepted papers: