Let's sharpen our assessment skills through "OJAE Oral Japanese Assessment Europe", a CEFR-based test at 6 levels with newly-developed incrementally-stratified criteria and test scripts[JP]

Michiko Takagi (Institut Libre Marie Haps)
Japanese Language Education
Torre B, Piso 3, Auditório 2
Start time:
1 September, 2017 at 11:00
Session slots:

Short abstract:

Interested in honing your skills in assessing the oral ability of JFL users? Let's work on this theme using the OJAE test, which has been researched and developed for 10 years by a team of former OPI testers.[JP]

Long abstract:

OJAE (AJE-SIG since 2008) is a method of oral testing and assessment that has been researched and developed for 10 years. The members of the OJAE team, originally trained as OPI testers in the American ACTFL-OPI methodology, wished to create a European solution for JFL-users in accordance with the Can-do-descriptors of the CEFR and its JFL adaptation, JF Standard, as well as preceding studies. The OJAE team wishes to share the insights obtained through its R&D, providing an alternative to relying on one's "gut instinct" or sheer empiricism. It furthermore hopes that the propagation of the OJAE method throughout Europe is going to lead to fairer and more objective scores in the assessment of oral competence. The OJAE panel will consist of three main parts, followed by a Q&A session. The first presenter introduces the OJAE testing, focusing on the B-levels: (1) Format: 2-on-2 (2 assessors, one doubling as the interlocutor with the test script/prompts); (2) test scenario and script; (3) assessment-sheet with its five aspects: ① Scope/Range ② Correctness ③ Fluency ④ Coherence ⑤ Interaction. She emphasizes that the assessment competence can be developed through the endeavor of the test-production itself. OJAE can be applied multi-facetedly: Partly and wholly, for various tests of proficiency, achievement, pro-chievement, placement etc. The second speaker exemplifies actual applications of the OJAE method, such as in the final examination of the BA-qualification. The third speaker elucidates the teachers' seminar of "JFL Oral Assessment 2016 in Brussels", conducted by the OJAE Team, on the Project: Good Dialogue Testers (co-hosted with the Belgian NK and supported by the JF Cologne). It is hoped that activities of OJAE as a AJE-SIG, such as aforementioned seminar, are to be expanded and conducted throughout Europe.