Peace and language education (1): critical content-based instruction (CCBI) and ideas and practices of Japanese language education [JP]
Uichi Kamiyoshi (Musashino University)
Yukiko Okuno (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Japanese Language Education
Torre B, Piso 3, T13
Start time:
31 August, 2017 at 11:00
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Short abstract:

The panel emphasizes the core idea of CCBI (Sato et al.), which is creating a peaceful future through language education. It then introduces related theories, research, and teaching practices of CCBI in the field of Japanese language education.

Long abstract:

What do you answer to the question "Is there peace in the world"? "Peace" is defined as "the absence of war, conflict, concern or trouble, and stable situation". It seems that language education promotes mutual understanding of different cultures and thus contributes to the global peace. But from the historical point of view, language education has been occasionally advanced to understand one's enemy, and colonial populations have been compelled to use the colonizers' official language, resulting in the opposite effect. In our panel, we do not limit language education to language acquisition only, and emphasize the idea of making a peaceful future with the next generation through language education. This idea has been discussed in Critical Content-Based Instruction (CCBI) (2015 Sato etc.). We discuss the necessity of CCBI using two combined panels. First, we will show the background of this issue and theoretical framework including CCBI in Panel 1, and we will then introduce some research and teaching practices to achieve the objective of making a better society in Panel 1 and 2. Presentation 1 focuses on the "Displaced people from Syria" which is one of the urgent topics in Europe, and makes a point of necessity of (Japanese) language education for peacebuilding by some stories of Japanese language learners who are displaced people from Syria. Presentation 2 summarizes recent social background and theories which have become the background of subsequent research. Presentation 3 reports on a practical class which has a peacebuilding approach through CCBI and includes not only Syrian students but also Japanese and other Asian and European students. Our panel discusses language education, peacebuilding in the world, and creating better communities throughout Panel 1 and 2.