The world of Noh: three aspects of its socioeconomic structure

Reiko Yamanaka (Hosei University)
Keizo Miyamoto (Hosei University)
Diego Pellecchia (Kyoto Sangyo University)
Performing Arts
Torre B, Piso 2, Sala T6
Start time:
31 August, 2017 at 11:00
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Short abstract:

Noh theatre differs greatly from other forms of performance. This panel focuses on three characteristic features of the noh establishment in the contemporary world: its socio-economic structure, the education of performers, and the role of amateurs.

Long abstract:

Noh greatly differs from other forms of theatre. When and how have noh performance events come to be produced and staged the way they are today? Unlike contemporary theatre, noh performers do not undergo auditions: what kind of training and proficiencies are required to be considered a 'noh professional'? What is the relationship between professionals and amateurs, who form the economic foundation of noh, and how has it developed in recent years? Grounded in extensive study of historical sources, as well as interviews and surveys with performers and audience, this panel wishes to provide an overview of the noh establishment today, as well as to serve as groundwork for a comparative study of noh and contemporary theatre.