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Digital work, social justice and development 
Matteo Rizzo (SOAS University of London)
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Paper panel
Embedding justice in development
C429, 4th floor Main Building
Wednesday 26 June, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

The rise of digital work has brought fundamental changes in how we access goods and services, and to the very nature of employment. This panel welcomes contributions investigating these fundamental changes, and asks how the gig economy works, exploring its impact on workers and employment

Long Abstract:

The rise of digital platforms as good or bad news for employment has resulted in polarised debates in development studies. Enthusiasts celebrate the employment creation and growth potential of digital platforms, suggesting that employment through digital technology is a major and flexible new route out of poverty and into the global economy for marginalised workers. Critics, however, question the scope for development that digital work allows, emphasising the increasing informalisation of employment, and the harsh working conditions and meagre returns imposed on unprotected and algorithm-controlled workers.

This panel invites contributions which are based on empirical research and theoretically engaged to explore how digital employment works and for whom in developing countries.

Questions addressed might include:

• How are apps reshaping employment and labour relations?

• How is the labour-force segmented by age, gender, ethnicity and nationality?

• What are app workers’ working conditions and earnings?

• How do they compare to earnings and working conditions in a given sector prior to apps?

• What are the financial and non-financial constraints to becoming digital workers?

• Under what conditions and with what results have workers organise to make demands of digital platforms?

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Wednesday 26 June, 2024, -