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Meat, power and justice: perspectives from Europe and Latin America 
Felipe Roa-Clavijo (Universidad de los Andes)
Tara Garnett (TABLE, University of Oxford)
Elena Lazos Chavero (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México)
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Paper panel
Embedding justice in development
S311, 3rd floor Senate Building
Friday 28 June, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

This panel session will focus on the debate of meat from a power perspective in the contexts of Europe and Latin America. Exploring points of commonality as well as differences, we will ask what transformation pathways that centre social justice might look like in different parts of the world.

Long Abstract:

The food system sits at the heart of many interconnected challenges, spanning climate change, deforestation, hunger, overconsumption and malnutrition among others. It is often said that a ‘food system transformation’ is needed, but transformation to what, by whom and for whom? The food system, its actors, and the argued transformation pathways are being looked at through a power lens. Whose narrative for change dominates and why? Who stands to win or to lose in the different futures for the food system that are being articulated?

These questions are particularly acute in discussions about livestock and meat eating given the high environmental burden of livestock production, the centrality of livestock in both keeping the livelihoods of many smallholders, as well as the economic power of large landowners, the cultural resonance and nutritional importance of these foods, the moral implications of animal rearing and slaughter, and the political and economic influence of corporate actors in many aspects of the meat supply chain.

These are global concerns, but at the same time there are also strong geographical and contextual variations both in the role and impacts of livestock and in stakeholder debates about them. This panel session will bring together researchers from the UK, mainland Europe, Mexico and Colombia to explore the meat debate through a power lens. Exploring points of commonality as well as differences we will ask what transformation pathways that centre social justice might look like in different parts of the world, and what the policy implications might be.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 28 June, 2024, -