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Migration, Education and Development: Exploring the Nexus 
Amy North (UCL Institute of Education)
Elaine Chase (UCL)
Thursday 7 July, 11:50-12:30 (UTC+1)

Short Abstract:

This panel invites papers that are concerned with the examining the relationship between migration, education and development and the role of education and learning in the context of global and local (im)mobility (including that associated with processes of urbanisation and environmental crisis).

Long Abstract

Despite a growing literature bridging education and international development on the one hand and migration and development on the other, the migration-education-development nexus remains largely under theorised. Moreover, related work in the field often fails to acknowledge the often rapidly shifting political, social and economic landscape within which the education, migration and development nexus operates. Building on insights from a forthcoming edited volume on Education, Migration and Development (North and Chase (eds) Bloomsbury Press, 2022), this panel invites critical reflection on the complex and multi-directional nature of the relationships between processes associated with education, migration and development, through consideration of the following questions:

• What new considerations for education and international development arise when we apply a migration lens?

• What theoretical approaches are most useful in understanding the intersections between education, migration and development?

• What opportunities and challenges do migration and (im)mobility create for education in contexts of development?

• What are the implications of migration processes for education policy and systems, curricula, pedagogy, training, and learner experiences and wellbeing?

• What approaches are most likely to promote justice, equity and wellbeing in and through education in the context of migration?

• How do gendered and other inequalities intersect with the possibilities and constraints emerging from the education, migration and development nexus?

Accepted papers: