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Equitable South-North collaborations for just energy transitions 
Harshavardhan Jatkar (University College London)
Yacob Mulugetta (UCL)
Lilia Caiado Coelho Beltrao Couto (University College London)
Energy transitions
Wednesday 6 July, 13:50-14:30 (UTC+1)

Short Abstract:

Achieving just energy transitions will depend on the knowledge produced in and from the global South. This panel will discuss potentials and challenges in creating equitable partnerships among institutions and researchers from the global South and the global North.

Long Abstract

'What we know' and 'how we know' about energy and development in the global South is important in achieving just energy transitions. While much contemporary energy research provides room for collaborations among institutions and researchers from the global South and the global North, these collaborations pose significant challenges to generating equitable partnerships and achieving epistemic justice.

To tackle this issue, the proposed session will build on UCL Energy and Development Group's (EDG) ongoing work on South-North collaborations to unpack potential avenues for generating equitable research partnerships among institutions and researchers across the South-North divide. To do so, this session will draw on the South-North Collaborations (SNC) workshop planned for March 2022. Supported by the UCL Grand Challenges, the SNC workshop will reflect on the successes and imbalances between the South-North partners and the effects that these have on research outputs. The outcomes of the SNC workshop will be translated into practical recommendations for generating equitable South-North collaborations.

The proposed DSA conference session will present the outcomes from the SNC workshop in the form of a presentation. The lessons from the SNC workshop will be used to generate interaction among the audience. The discussion will focus on epistemological, methodological and structural potentials and barriers experienced within the South-North collaborations on energy research, and their implications on achieving just energy transitions. The feedback generated from this session will be shared with all participants.

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