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Enabling just transitions at the nexus of housing and energy 
Harshavardhan Jatkar (University College London)
Pamela Fennell (UCL)
Julia Tomei (UCL)
Rita Lambert (UCL)
Paul Ruyssevelt (University College London)
Siraz Hirani (Mahila Housing Trust (MHT))
Liliana Miranda (Cities for Life Foro)
Energy transitions
Friday 8 July, 11:50-12:30 (UTC+1)

Short Abstract:

Access to affordable and reliable modern forms of energy is essential to reduce poverty and promote economic growth. Based on ongoing research in low-income urban communities in Perú and India, this panel will explore critical and practical actions required to improve energy and housing conditions.

Long Abstract

Improving energy and housing conditions in communities that are off-the-grid of safe, accessible and affordable forms of infrastructures in the global South is paramount for achieving just sustainable futures. Many national and international energy policies and programmes exclude inhabitants from the so-called informal settlements. To bring visibility to the everyday lived experiences of off-the-grid communities, the GCRF-funded research project Grounded Energy Modelling for Equitable Urban Development in the Global South (GEMDev) ( focuses on co-producing knowledge on energy and housing towards just sustainable development in Lima and Ahmedabad.

Using participatory methods, GEMDev seeks to co-produce knowledge on energy and housing conditions, associated risks and mitigation strategies in off-the-grid communities. This knowledge, combined with energy modelling expertise is expected to inform better housing and energy policies in Lima and Ahmedabad. Building on the knowledge co-produced in the GEMDev project, the proposed session will explore answers to the following question: What critical and practical actions are required to improve energy and housing conditions for off-the-grid communities in the global South?

To answer the above question, discussants will present key lessons learned from GEMDev in Lima and Ahmadabad, followed by a discussion on possible actions to improve energy and housing conditions in off-the-grid communities. The panel will then generate discussion about sustainability and replicability of the potential strategies for housing and energy improvements in other urbanising contexts in the global South. The feedback from this session will be shared with all participants.

Accepted paper: