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Urban Citizen Science and Community-based Knowledge Production 
Nikolay Mintchev (University College London)
Saffron Woodcraft (UCL)
Mayssa Jallad (Institute for Global Prosperity, RELIEF Centre)
Saffron Woodcraft (UCL)
Mayssa Jallad (Institute for Global Prosperity, RELIEF Centre)
Mariam Daher (Centre For Lebanese Studies)
Knowledge production
Wednesday 6 July, 13:00-13:40 (UTC+1)

Short Abstract:

A workshop on the role of Citizen Science in understanding and addressing the challenges facing urban and urbanising spaces

Long Abstract

Cities are spaces marked by heterogeneity, where built environment and social organisation are co-constituted. The city's heterogeneity requires context-specific approaches to understanding and solving spatial and social challenges. This panel begins from the assumption that diverse knowledges and capacities should play a central role in developing solutions to urban needs. Specifically, it examines the value of citizen science as a participatory methodology in which local urban residents take an active role in research, data analysis and/or the design of interventions seeking to address identified urban challenges (cf. Jallad et al. 2021). A key aim will be to learn from urban Citizen Science initiatives across a wide range of contexts. Contributions may address the following topics, among others:

-Citizen Science as knowledge exchange beyond data collection

-Non-citizen participation in 'Citizen Science' and urban citizenship

-Participatory research as urban participation

-The role of universities in democratising knowledge production about the communities they work with and among

-Citizen science as new vision of academic impact model

Methodology: This session will take the form of a 40-minute workshop. Contributors will be asked to submit 8-minute 'provocations' in text, audio, or video format two weeks prior to the conference. We will then discuss these in an open format with audience members.


Jallad, M., Mintchev, N., Pietrostefani, E., Daher, M., and Moore, H. L. 2021. "Citizen Social

Science and Pathways to Prosperity: Co-designing Research and Impact in Beirut, Lebanon." International Journal of Social Research Methodology.

Accepted contributions: