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Critical pedagogies in the urban turn 
Julia Wesely (University College London)
Adriana Allen (University College London)
Mariana Enet (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba)
Rodrigo Faria G. Iacovini (Instituto Pólis)
Knowledge production
Thursday 7 July, 15:00-16:00 (UTC+1)

Short Abstract:

We examine how grassroots & activist organisations practice critical pedagogies in the urban turn, recognising their challenges,possibilities&complexities. We explore ways to design&curate learning for collective agency & capacities to negotiate & transform urban development for more just societies.

Long Abstract

This panel articulates voices of pedagogues from Latin American social movements, activists and grassroots organisations working under the umbrella of Habitat International Coalition (HIC) to reflect on their experiences of practising pedagogies of change.

We argue that 'pedagogies of change' differ from the more widely used notion of 'theory of change' as they emphasise the activation of collective agency, common passions and affects; thus, shifting the focus from the teleological purpose they serve, to why and how they arise. We go beyond an exploration of capacities to generate ways of understanding the world (saberes), and surface pedagogic tactics and strategies that allow for seeing, listening, being and doing differently (haceres).

The panel draws from a two-year process of in-depth conversations and workshops with 8 pedagogic experiences of Members of HIC in Latin America that led to a series of short videos. The production of these artefacts evolved as reflective story-telling process through which we distilled the 'haceres' of how their pedagogies are practiced and work towards habitat rights by collectivising consciousness, resistance, contestation, and possibilities, sensibilities, and hope.

Methodologically, the session uses short clips to facilitate a discussion structured around ways of practising critical pedagogies.

You can access the full videos (EN+ES) here:

Each clip captures core premises of pedagogies in action, stimulating translocal and networked conversations with filmmakers and pedagogues, including Silsa Pineda (FUNDASAL, El Salvador), Mariana Enet (University of Córdoba, Argentina) and Rodrigo Farias Iacovini (Instituto Pólis, Brazil).