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Exploring the Role of Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) Organisations in Post Covid-19 Global Development 
Theodoros Papaioannou (The Open University)
Les Levidow (The Open University)
Les Levidow (The Open University)
Theodoros Papaioannou (The Open University)
Politics and political economy
Friday 8 July, 11:50-12:30 (UTC+1)

Short Abstract:

This panel invites theoretical and empirical papers that critically examine the role Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) Organisations such as co-operatives, mutual benefit societies and social enterprises in the post Covid-19 global development. The focus is on resilience through inclusive innovation.

Long Abstract

The last two decades have been characterised by recurrent economic crises. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected already fragile and exploitative systems of employment around the world. Meanwhile this pandemic has also accelerated technological innovations. These not only include apps and online platforms which enable new forms of communication, interactive learning, and employment but also automated machine technologies, such as robots and artificial intelligence, which potentially worsen the precarious position of workers worldwide. In this disruptive socio-economic and technological context, SSE organisations’ agile and resilient practices emerge as potentially transformative ones, supporting an alternative model of inclusive innovation for Covid-19 recovery: this model leaves no-one behind and enables producers to take control of decisions. In this sense, it is an inclusive model that promotes the use of social technologies (i.e., innovative techniques and methodologies, co-created with communities to resolve social inclusion problems) for enhancing the human capabilities of lower income and marginalised people, improving their social welfare and potentially empowering them to deal with post-Covid-19 economic and social challenges.

This panel invites papers that critically examine how SSE organisations have responded to the Covid-19 pandemic, whether their innovations have been inclusive and to what extend they are prepared to use their new sustainable and inclusive forms of work and agile practises (i.e., those established during the Covid-19 crisis) for helping disenfranchised and marginalised communities to recover economically and socially.


Panellists will upload pre-recorded presentations. Convenors of this panel (Papaioannou and Levidow) will ask panellists and audience to watch other people’s presentations in advance of the synchronous discussion session(s). The convenors will also share in advance what they think are the key questions emerging from the recorded

Accepted papers: