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Accepted Paper:

Impact of climate change on human mobility and livelihood in Nigeria  
Agatha Ogbe (Opolo Global Innovation Limited, Lagos State, Nigeria) Sarah Edewor (Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research, Nigeria) Kingsley Edewor (Saradore Trust Nigeria Limited)

Paper short abstract:

Climate change is evident through increase in the number of storms, shoreline erosion, severe droughts, heat waves and coastal floods. These consequences often pose risk to human security and livelihood.

Paper long abstract:

Natural disasters related to climate change are one of the drivers of forced displacement or migration. The consequences of climate change on mobility/migration present humanity with an unprecedented challenge. On its own, climate change does not directly displace people or cause people to move, however, it produces environmental effects that aggravates vulnerable situations which makes it difficult for people to survive in the affected areas. Continuous change in climate will likely shift the pattern of human mobility and this presents opportunities that may aid adaptation to climate-environmental related change events. A change in environment due to climate change impact the ecosystems on which people depend for livelihood.

The movement of people due to changes in their environment is not a new phenomenon as people have been moving (internally or across border) in response to changes in their environment. This paper explores climate-environmental related events that could cause severe impact on human migration and livelihood disruption. The expected outcome of this paper will provide answers to: How is climate change and environmental disruption/ degradation affecting migration? What are the different levels of environmental displacement? What is the implication of these disruptions on livelihood? What measures (individual and external) currently exist to address victims of extreme environmental events especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic?

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The impact of Covid-19 on the displacement crisis resulting from natural disasters I
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