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The global politics and local practices of policy transfer in an unsettled world II 
Sam Hickey (University of Manchester)
Giles Mohan (The Open University)
Farwa Sial (University of Manchester)
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Policy and practice
Friday 2 July, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

To explore the changing global politics and practices of policy transfer in an unsettled world through a range of case-studies, highlighting south-south and south-north flows of ideas as well as north-south. To include the spread of different responses to the pandemic across time and space.

Long Abstract:

Most processes of policy transfer within 'international development' have tended to flow from north to south and to re-enforce uneven relations of power between wealthy and poorer nations and raise concerns around issues of sovereignty and ideological bias. However, the rise of new powers has introduced the possibility of new forms of agency and policy transfer within an age of 'global development'. Potential examples include the spread of cash transfers from Latin America, new approaches to the green revolution and agricultural development and models of urban development. In all cases, epistemic communities (involving researchers, policy entrepreneurs and officials of inter-governmental, governmental and non-governmental organisations) have been critical in both formulating and promoting new policy agendas.

This panel welcomes a broad range of studies that talk to both the old and new global politics of policy transfer and which seek to unpack the actual practices of policy transfer across multiple levels and how these might lead to unintended consequences. It will include cases of western-driven cases of policy transfer as well as newer forms of south-south and south-north policy learning. Of particular interest are studies of how responses to the pandemic have travelled between different locations and also across time (in relation to earlier pandemics) and how policy lessons on green energy transitions might be generated and spread. The focus of submissions should be less about the substantive policy area and more about the ways in which the global politics and practice of policy transfer is changing in an unsettled world.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 2 July, 2021, -