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Learning from unprecedented times: NGOs and CSOs through the COVID-19 pandemic (NGOs in Development Study Group) II 
Ibrahim Natil (Dublin City University)
Emanuela Girei (University of Sheffield)
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Policy and practice
Friday 2 July, 14:15-16:00 (UTC+1)

Short Abstract:

The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly shaken the ways researchers & practitioners work in/with NGOs/CSOs across the world. This panel aims to provide a platform for sharing practitioners/researchers’ experiences and reflections on the challenges, questions and innovations emerged in the last year.

Long Abstract

This panel aims at exploring, sharing and reflecting upon the challenges that have affected NGOs and CSOs work and research and how practitioners and researchers have dealt with them, focusing especially on the following issues:

- Distinctive country-focused challenges and NGOs/CSOs responses: while virtually all NGOs have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact has been different in each country, according to its specific geopolitical position, the urban/rural settings, the resources available and governments’ responses. We welcome contributions that offer in-depth single country perspectives or comparisons among different countries.

- Distinctive sector-specific challenges and NGOs-CSOs responses: how has the pandemic differently affected ‘operational’ and ‘advocacy’ NGOs? We welcome contributions offering perspectives from different sectors.

- Distinctive methodological challenges. We welcome contributions that focus in particular on:

- Adjusting existing-in progress work, approaches and methodologies: what has the process implied? Who was involved in the decision-making? What solutions were identified?

- Co-production and participation: to what extent and how has COVID-19 impacted on co-production and equality in NGO/CSOs work and research?

- Decolonisation: to what extent and how has COVID-19 impacted on efforts to decolonise knowledge and approaches?

This panel is organised by the NGO in Development study group and aims to provide a platform for sharing practitioners’ and researchers’ experiences and reflections. We welcome both empirical and theoretical contributions, in different styles and at various stages of development.

Accepted papers:

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