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Unsettling rural livelihoods: South Asian and global perspectives 
Sudarshan Neupane (The University of Melbourne)
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Global inequalities
Wednesday 30 June, 10:00-11:45 (UTC+1)

Short Abstract:

The panel looks at different aspects of rural development in South Asia and globally, with a focus on the effects of social structures and networks.

Long Abstract

This panel brings together a series of papers on rural development. Roughly half the world's population live in rural areas, which continue to be the site of major policy initiatives and social transformations. The papers assembled focus on different aspects of rural development, considering the effects of social structures and networks. Three of the papers look at policy initiatives and their effects on rural areas across South Asia. Included in this is an exploration of financial inclusion in India, land reform in Nepal and land registration in Bangladesh. The fourth paper in the panel examines the urban-rural poverty divide with data from sixty low and middle income countries, and discusses how and why poverty is becoming an increasingly rural phenomenon.

Accepted papers: