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South-South relations: unsettling development? (Rising Powers Study group) I 
Rory Horner (University of Manchester)
Lidia Cabral (Institute of Development Studies)
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Rethinking development
Papers Roundtables
Monday 28 June, 14:15-16:00 (UTC+1)

Short Abstract:

These paper sessions and open roundtable focus on South-South relations, including but not limited to trade, policy cooperation, migration, finance, and technology transfer. How have South-South relations been impacted by, and shaped responses to, the multiple pressures unsettling development?

Long Abstract

South-South relations are a major axis of contemporary development processes and outcomes. The prominence of such relations has surged across a number of domains, including food and agriculture, migration, trade, technology transfer, policy cooperation. Many hope that South-South relations can unsettle in positive ways the status quo, while others worry that the more negative aspects of South-North relations may be reproduced. Covid-19 has augmented the relevance of considering South-South relations as a key aspect of development. Flows of finance, food and people have been significantly impacted, while South-South supplies of medical goods are a key aspect of the immediate response. Longer-term, Covid-19 accentuates the need to consider the role of South-South relations in contributing to ‘building back better’ towards global sustainable development.

This panel welcomes abstract submissions for papers on any or multiple domains of South-South relations. Papers could engage with, but are not limited to, the following questions:

• How have South-South relations been impacted by, and shaped responses to, the multiple pressures unsettling development, including multipolarity, Covid-19, climate change, populism and racial violence?

• What is the potential for South-South relations to contribute to ‘build back better’?

Format: Paper sessions will primarily be synchronous, but would also be open to some asynchronous contributions e.g. where the presentation is played as a video, but the presenter participates in live Q&A. We will also convene an open format and synchronous roundtable discussion on this theme, which anyone registered for the conference can participate in without any prior submission or notification necessary.

Accepted papers: