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The impacts of disruptive catastrophes on organisations (Virtual Poster Presentation) 
Lilian Schofield (Queen Mary University of London)
Lisa Morrison (Queen Mary University of London)
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Experimental Mixed
Policy and practice
Tuesday 29 June, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

The poster presentation session opens up discussions around disruptive catastrophes and its impact on organisations. We discuss the impact that disruptive catastrophes have upon organisations and welcome theoretical, practical, and empirical contributions.

Long Abstract:

This panel aims to share and present research, findings, and knowledge on the impact of disruptive catastrophes on organisations. We welcome presentations and research on the private, public, and non-profit sector. We explore the concept of disruptive catastrophes, what this means for organisations and lessons learned in terms of organisational capacities, strategy, risk and crisis management, among others. We welcome presentations in particular to:

• Pedagogy - Contributing to the pedagogy of disruptive catastrophes and its impact on organisations.

• Organisations' coping mechanisms and strategies

• The role of non-profit organisations and civil society in awareness building and social change including healthcare/COVID awareness, risk assessment and organisational capacity.

• The impacts of COVID 19 or other catastrophes on small NGOs and diaspora organisations

• International organisations perspectives

• Methodology- contributions are welcome to innovative methodologies of studying the impact of disruptive catastrophes.

• We welcome presentations from social change practitioners on lessons learnt from Covid-19 and reimagining the ways social change has been managed by different organisations involved in social change.

The format of the poster presentation session will be both synchronous and asynchronous. The synchronous session will be for authors who want to present their posters. The asynchronous session will display all posters in a repository for attendees to view. Authors have the option to either display and present their posters or to display only.