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Racial capitalism and climate (in)justice in the 21st century: unsettling colonial entanglements and green 'New Deals' I 
Keston Perry (University of the West of England)
Leon Sealey-Huggins (University of Warwick)
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Papers Roundtables Mixed
Global environmental justice
Monday 28 June, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

Climate devastation and resulting uneven geo-physical and socio-ecological relations demonstrate racialized outcomes in the Global South. This panel offers a de-layering of racial capitalism reconstituted under climate crisis, and examines hegemonic development projects like the 'Green New Deal'.

Long Abstract:

Climate breakdown, and the geo-physical and socio-ecological relations that are spawned in its wake, perpetuate asymmetries that harken to longstanding colonialist encounters between the Global North and South. Underpinned by processes of racialisation/racialized subjectivities that are germane to the colonial and modernizing development project, even new 'solutions' may reproduce unequal relations in the interest of new capital formations and extractivist models of development. Through calls for 'green' technology transfers, finance, and other governance frameworks of state formation, non-state, and state-state exchanges, actors in the Global North attempt to reify capitalist re-ordering in the Global South. This panel offers a critical de-layering of racial capitalism that is integral to understanding hegemonic development projects/ideas like Green New Deals, and examines the implications for socio-natural reordering, transformation and development justice in the Global South. It centres the experiences and ontological standpoints of the Global South through the promise and praxis of reparatory justice that meet demands for development on their own terms and in the face of uneven climate breakdown. Empirical, theoretical and practitioner papers are invited for this panel that cut across the following themes that centre the proposals, critiques and ideas of the Global South:

1. Old/new colonialities, technology and inequalities under climate crisis

2. Racialized capitalism, socio-ecological divergence and the Green New Deal

3. Climate justice, inequality and new geographies of climate finance

4. Climate reparations and the socio-economics of climate injustice: envisioning alternative futures

5. Transnational social movements and new governance models towards egalitarian socio-ecological relations

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Monday 28 June, 2021, -