Accepted paper:

Towards more equitable partnerships and impact: findings from the LIDC-Migration Leadership Team's 'Migration Conversations'


Laura Hammond (SOAS)
Kavita Datta (Queen Mary University of London)
Louisa Brain (SOAS University of London)
Helena Tummers

Paper short abstract:

Through a short video and presentation, we will discuss the findings from a process of consultation that the LIDC Migration Leadership Team has been conducting over the past 12 months in five continents with researchers, migrants, policymakers, practitioners, artists and others.

Paper long abstract:

The LIDC Migration Leadership Team has been conducting a series of Migration Conversations with researchers, migrants, artists, policymakers, practitioners and others about research priorities, challenges to forging more equitable partnerships, and how to achieve maximum impact from research on migration and displacement. Our work, commissioned by the ESRC and AHRC will inform a joint strategy on migration funding. We have co-facilitated, with our local partners, events in Delhi, Nairobi, Beirut, London, Glasgow, Brussels, New York and Mexico as well as at major migration conferences. In all of these events we have been in listening mode. In this presentation we will begin to feed back what we have learned. We will show a short (4-5 minute) video about the Conversations and will share key findings from them which speak to the questions of how to make migration research a standard-bearer for more equitable partnerships and outstanding impact. Key themes include power sharing throughout the research process, decentring the research process, working collaboratively with the arts, across different disciplines, and with organisations engaged with migrants, and learning from best (and worst) practice with respect to impact.

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Rethinking impact, collaboration and capacity in ODA-funded research