Accepted paper:

The politics of implementing the LEAP in Ghana: competing interests of transnational and domestic political actors


Betty Akyeampong (University of Sussex )

Paper short abstract:

This paper discusses transnational actor influence in the implementation of Ghana's LEAP with a focus on interests. It aims to highlight the strategies used by transnational actors to promote their interests and how domestic actors also use LEAP to further their political interests and agendas.

Paper long abstract:

As with most cash transfer programmes in the Sub-Saharan African region, the implementation of Ghana's LEAP has been the product of many consultations with political actors and technocrats at the national and transnational actor (TNA) levels. Transnational actors combine multiple strategies including sharing their knowledge and experiences with national actors and provide financial incentives for implementing the LEAP programme. Using my field work data, the paper will show that although transnational actors (TNAs)are able to promote their own interests through conditionalities, domestic political actors are still able to use the LEAP to further their political interests and agendas. They achieve this through the domestic politics of selecting community implementers and actions that fulfil their political manifesto promises and social protection policies.

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The politics of implementing social protection programmes: political competition, state capacity and policy feedback [paper]