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The politics of inequality: exploring the role of corruption and governance 
Davina Osei (UNU-MERIT)
F: Governance, politics and social protection
Start time:
27 June, 2018 at 16:00 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

This panel focuses on the role of governance structures in perpetuating or bridging inequalities in less developed economies. The role of differing forms of corruption in particular is highlighted. The panel targets papers that approach the governance-inequality nexus from diverse perspectives.

Long Abstract

Institutions have long been recognised as crucial in addressing differing forms of inequalities. In contexts where existing governance structures widen rather than bridge the gaps of inequality, an even greater problem exists. In some instances, the existence of social, economic and political inequalities also creates a vicious cycle of unequal access to resources and partiality in the distribution of public goods and services. This creates an economy with inherent biases in its governance structures which leads to widening of the pre-existing inequality gaps. To obturate these gaps, several approaches at the micro, meso and macro levels can be employed. This panel welcomes papers that interrogate governance and inequalities using different theoretical and empirical approaches. We particularly encourage the use of more holistic approaches that analyse the governance-inequality from different analytical lenses and also cut across different disciplines.

Accepted papers: