Migration, agriculture and (in)equality in 'home areas' (Paper) 
Peter Mollinga (SOAS University of London)
Fraser Sugden (University of Birmingham)
Alan Nicol (IWMI)
B: Agriculture, natural resources & environment
Start time:
28 June, 2018 at 11:00 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

How does migration impact agricultural and natural resources management in 'home areas? How is (in)equality reproduced through remittances/investment, feminisation of agriculture, agricultural knowledge (loss and gain) and other mechanisms and processes?

Long Abstract

This panel invites papers that focus on the question of what is happening in rural communities as a result of out-migration, investigating the structural and systemic changes resulting from out-migration and their wider implications for development (in)equalities, including but not limited to changing class relations and the feminisation of agriculture. The panel looks at changes in agricultural and natural resources management dynamics, zooming in on the (re)production of (in)equality. The panel will address how agriculture and natural resource management change as a result of migration, and in what ways, through changes in land, water and other resource rights and access; the impacts of two way flows of (agricultural, market, and other) knowledge; flows of cash and labour between rural areas and migrant communities at destination; and other mechanisms. The panel also investigates how changes in population affect rural out-migration communities, including health and environmental management, attitudes to education, and access to and relationships with formal and informal (state and non-state) institutions. Methodological contributions are invited that address the strong context specificity of the impacts of out-migration in 'home areas', and the implications of that for policy (support and advice). The panel conveners aim to develop a joint publication from the panel's collection of papers.

Accepted papers: