The role of stratification on global inequality and sustainability
Aurelie Charles (University of Bath)
Sarah White (University of Bath)
N3 (Richmond building)
Start time:
6 September, 2017 at 16:00
Session slots:

Short abstract:

The panel illustrates the dynamics of stratification contributing to the persistence of inequality. Papers offer local, regional or national case studies on the reproduction of power between groups and reflect on the social damages of such persistent inequalities.

Long abstract:

The panel aims at illustrating the dynamics of stratification and intersectionality of social identities which lead to the persistence of group inequality to occur over time. In politics, sociology and economics, the literature on social identity, stratification, and intersectionality has shown the importance of group identity in explaining the persistence of inequality over time, and that the geographical context matters in the way power relationships between groups evolve over time. Hence, the contribution of this panel to development studies is two-fold. First, papers in the panel will offer case studies looking at local, regional or national experiences of group inequality over time in order to provide a comparative analysis on the reproduction of power over time. Second, drawing from these contributions, the panel will be able to reflect on the social damages of persistent inequalities, and in particular how the functioning of inter-group identity is damaged by the persistence of inequality in the long-run.