Accepted paper:

The attempt to overcome the ideological barrier through the formative-educational action of the Associação Moinho da Juventude


Arianna Santaniello

Paper short abstract:

The purpose of this analysis is to consider the data on the educational-formative component present in the work of the Associação Moinho da Juventude. The importance of focusing on the association's projects lies in an attempt to deconstruct the prejudice over a neighborhood discriminated against by a part of society.

Paper long abstract:

The creation, as well as the elimination of prejudices, are very complex processes that make a great change in the way we think about reality. In the context of the vision of the other, we present the formative-educational work of a not for profit association: the Associação Moinho da Juventude, located in the Cova da Moura neighborhood, in the Municipality of Amadora. Today, this Association is a source of inspiration and motivation for children, young people, adults and the elderly living in a neighborhood that has always been considered by public opinion a dangerous place, where there is neither prosperity nor positivity. The purpose of the analysis is to deepen the reflection on the educational and formative component that exists in any action directed by the Moinho, whether in the cultural or in the socioeconomic context. It is in this context that this work appears to analyze a presence that is often forgotten or overlooked: educational and constructive work in a place where formality and informality hang together, and in which the individual and collective dimension intertwine in the creation of a new being.

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Diaspora communities: past and present history(ies)