Accepted paper:

Movements in the global geopolitical board: a historical review of the relationship between Brazil and Africa


Vanessa Andrade (UERJ )

Paper short abstract:

This research discusses the approximation between Brazil and the African continent, a South-South cooperation, throughout the history. It shows the scientific-technical and informative period, as a globalization facilitatoer, leading to a strengthening of economics and geopolitics relations between them.

Paper long abstract:

This research aims to discuss the approximation between periphery and semi-peripheral countries, known as South-South cooperation, making a mention to "North-South" cooperation. Emphasizing the approximation attempts between Brasil and the African continent since colonial period, going through militarism and reaching the republican period, always considering the historical context. Presenting a link between the current period, called scientific-technical and informative, as a globalization faciliter, leading to a strengthening of the economics and geopolitics relations experienced in the last decade. Mentioning the growing number of Brazilian companies and technical-cooperation projects In African continent and alluding to the agreement signed with Ethiopia.

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History: foundations and current readings