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Accepted Paper:

Strategic Communication and PR in the Republic of Kazakhstan  
Dinazat Kassymova (Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan)


In today's world, the ability to communicate ideas and messages through various media is becoming increasingly important. This significantly impacts the success of organizations, businesses, institutions, and politicians. Effective advertising and PR campaigns can boost a new product or service to the top of the market and even secure the right to host major events. Conversely, the repercussions of poorly managed communication can be detrimental, potentially leading to loss of reputation, customer trust, and even legal issues.

Organizations must meticulously choose professionals with practical skills while transmitting the information that people need. Public Relations specialists stand out among these professionals. They play an essential role in ensuring the exchange of information between the organization and the public and maintaining a positive public image. To accomplish their objectives, all organizations must comprehend the significance of communication in Public Relations, regardless of the nature of their activities. It is pivotal to differentiate between Strategic Communications, which concentrates on the general communication strategy, and Public Relations, which is more about managing the relationship between an organization and the public. Understanding this distinction can assist organizations in more effectively utilizing these functions. This article analyzes how organizations can achieve this. Effective communication through various media is becoming increasingly important in today's world. Advertising and PR campaigns can boost a new product or service to the top of the market, and poorly managed communication can lead to loss of reputation, customer trust, and even legal issues.

In Kazakhstan, there are many forums, meetings, and conferences where people discuss changes in public relations. Communication methods are rapidly evolving, and organizations are dedicating significant efforts towards enhancing their online presence, including website traffic, social media followers, and YouTube views. Regarding the trends in the Kazakhstan PR service market, it is clear that social media publications will continue to be in high demand.

Strategic communication is crucial for the interaction of government officials and businesses with the public and the media. When developing a communication strategy, it is of utmost importance to consider the diversity of targeting groups, taking into account their growth, gender, social status, and interests. A brief review of ongoing activities on strategic communication and PR of organizations shows the need for research, primarily on the public's information satisfaction.

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