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Transcaspian Region of the Russian Empire: from forts to the exemplary capitalist economy [Russian] 
Dmitry Vasilyev (Moscow City University)
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Ablet Kamalov (University Turan)
Sergey Lyubichankovskiy (Orenburg State Pedagogical University)
406 (Floor 4)
Sunday 9 June, -
Time zone: Asia/Almaty


The Transcaspian Province occupies a special place in the history of the Turkestan Governorate General. For a long time it was in a special position, and then it was included in the Turkestan region. For a long time it had special administration, and then was included in the Turkestan region. But even after that, the Transcaspian Province retained a unique administrative and legal system until the end of its existence. The influence of the peculiarities of the geographical and geopolitical position of the Transcaspian region on its position in the Russian Empire, the effectiveness of administrative measures will give rise to a discussion. The first part of the papers concerns the Mangyshlak Peninsula. The first of them will characterize the positive and negative aspects of its geographical location and characterize its economy. The processes of integration of the Russian and indigenous populations will be characterized and the role of the Russian military in the development of the peninsula will be assessed. Another report will touch on the history of the Kazakh uprising of 1870. The features of imperial policy in the territory of a special region, the causes, course and results of the Adayev uprising, its significance will be analyzed. We will also analyze the reasons why this uprising was practically not studied in Soviet historiography. The second part of the panel will examine the history of the Murghab sovereign’s estate. This estate occupied a special position among all the property of the Russian emperors. Its establishment was necessitated by political and economic circumstances, which will be discussed in the third paper. Features of irrigation and agricultural production on the estate will be the subject of the final paper.

This panel will allow us to discuss all the main features that characterize the status of the Transcaspian Province among other possessions of the Russian Empire.

Закаспийская область до конца своего существования сохраняла своеобразную административно-правовую систему. Первая часть докладов касается Мангышлакского полуострова. В первом из них будет дана характеристика положительных и отрицательных сторон его географического положения. Будет дана характеристика процессам интеграции русского и коренного населения. В другом докладе будут проанализированы особенности имперской политики на территории региона, причины, ход и результаты Адаевского восстания 1870 г., его значение. Во второй части панели будет рассмотрена история Мургабского государева имения. Его учреждение было вызвано политическими и экономическими обстоятельствами, которые будут рассмотрены в третьем докладе. Особенности орошения и сельскохозяйственного производства в имении станет предметом заключительного доклада.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Sunday 9 June, 2024, -