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Accepted Paper:

Stigmatization of Vulnerability: Undesirable Effects of Perceived "Resilience" among Afghanistan Refugees in Germany  


Rohullah Amin (Universität der Bundeswehr München)

Paper long abstract:

Given over four decades of war, atrocities of ongoing armed conflict and sociopolitical instability, the people of Afghanistan are often praised for their “resilience”, which is aligned with normative patriarchal culture. This paper is an attempt to explore perceptions of resilience, adversity, psychological functionality and well being among those who migrated to Germany between 2010-2018. This work is a critical analysis of underlying assumptions of “resilience” in the context of Afghanistan that implies right and wrong response to adversity; reinforces maladaptive coping styles, and stigmatises vulnerability in context of extreme violence. This paper uses qualitative data analysis of narratives of refugees and their families both in Germany and Afghanistan.

Panel ANT-05
Shamanism, Psychiatry and Social Trauma: On Global, National, and Local Dimensions of Mental Health