Accepted paper:

How to integrate educational games in the media literacy class


Galiya Ibrayeva (Al-Farabi Kazakh National University)

Paper abstract:

Game teaching methods are always attractive and accessible to the audience, especially for young people. Therefore, the use of game tasks allows you to make complex material understandable. The author suggests using several types of game tasks. The first group of games is held in teams of 5-6 people who compete with each other in order to interestingly cover various topics: how to distinguish facts from opinions, develop critical thinking, know what fakes are, how to distinguish information, propaganda and advertising, how to write text to make it more interesting for the reader. The second group of games includes 10 creative game methods of teaching media literacy: using several sources (creating a poster or a map), measuring tone and language (creating icons), using numbers and numbers (creating infographics), understanding images (examples of image and text inconsistencies), development of multimedia skills (text, audio, video, augmented reality and 3D printing), recognition of bias (sources - articles, blog posts, excerpts from books, speeches, podcasts, radio or television programs, posters, commercials, scientific taty, videos on Youtube or short films), etc. The third group of games is computer games. They are posted on the Internet and allow the learner to independently perform media literacy tasks. The author introduces computer games that are offered by coaches of Ukraine - Mediasnayko,, Armenia, Belarus http: //, Moldova Georgia, These are high-quality computer games that connect game tasks on media literacy with the folklore of each country, create familiar characters, with whom you can learn in an exciting form of media literacy. In Kazakhstan, the transformational game MEDIAJUNGLE has also been created, this is a lotto game: in this game, the one who determines who is faster, where the fake news comes up, and where the real one is is won. The game was invented during Edyuton on media literacy. Now in Kazakhstan there is a large program to disseminate media literacy ideas like "Three Points", etc.

panel MED-02
Media Literacy, Fake News and Media Education in Central Asia